Warehouse Service company

Packaging service
Service introduction
In order to better guarantee the safety of parcel express, Tuowei Aohua provides you with more professional, environmental protection, convenient and efficient packaging service
Service features
To provide customers with anti-shock, decompression, buffer, insulation and other diversified and professional packaging
Scope of service
Express delivery from mainland China and overseas warehouse
Carton: anti-shock protection, convenient and safe; used for outer packaging of all kinds of goods
Carton Rates
Packaging NameDimensionsPrice
Carton F120cm*15cm*10cm1CAD/piece
Carton F2s20cm*20cm*15cm2CAD/piece
Carton F230cm*20cm*15cm2CAD/piece
Carton F330cm*25cm*20cm3CAD/piece
Carton F440cm*30cm*20cm4CAD/piece
Carton F540cm*30cm*30cm5CAD/piece
Carton F6s60cm*40cm*30cm6CAD/piece
Carton F670cm*40cm*32cm6CAD/piece
Medium-sized compressive carton50cm*30cm*50cm10CAD/piece
Large-sized compressive carton60cm*50cm*40cm15CAD/pieceWarehouse Service company

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