Juice Filling Machine price

Product Application
Pre-process system.
1. High-shear emulsifying tank + Plate heat exchanger
2. Mixing tank
3. UHT sterilizer + homogenizer machine + Buffer tank
4. Hot water system + Hot water tank
5. CIP cleaning system
Water treatment system.
1. Raw water tank + Raw water pump
2. Silica sand filter + Active carbon filter + Sodium ion exchanger + Precision filter + Security filter
3. Reverse Osmosis (one level)
4. UV sterilizer
5. Finished water tank + Pure water pump
Blow molding system
1. Stainless steel high pressure film shell
2. All kinds of capacity indicator, pressure indicator, electricity magnetic valve, balance device and pipe valve system
3. Online type pressure auto self-protection device
4. Online type electricity indicator (with stable compensation)
5. System safe protecting and alarm system
6. System frame
Full automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc.
Bottle Inverter Chain.
1. Use juice own high temperature to kill the bacterial inside cap.
2. Use juice own high temperature to improve sealing of bottle to extend warranty time.
3. Use SUS 304/316 stainless steel chain and high polymer material conveyor to keep high quality and increase service life.
Shower Cooling Machine.
1. Mainly for cooling and sterilization
2. The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, the top is designed to be openable for easy maintenance and observation
3. Nozzles are manufactured using U.S. technology and spray water evenly
4. Conveyor belt adopts Rexnor technology, flat surface with small wear
5. Smooth and reliable operation with low energy consumption
Automatic labeling machine.
1. Heat shrink sleeve labeling machine
2. OPP Hot melt labeling machine
3. PVC label stick labeling machine
It adopts double driving structure which is a new and advanced driving device for the thermal shrink sleeve machine, that is, four-wheel driving, self-centering and balanced pressure of four wheels. It can achieve the good effect of transmission of labels smoothly, stably and rapidly.
PE film packaging machine.
1. PE film shrink wrapping machine
2. Half-tray shrink wrapping machine
3. Carton box packaging machine
It adopts the photoelectric sensor to detect online, gather signals which are controlled by PLC, and adopts piston as executable element, to realize product conveying, combination, film wrapping, cutting, heat& shrink, cool and finally get the finished product.
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Before Sales
1. Answer your any question on us with in 24 hours.
2. Supply all information you required.
3. Machines video for reference.
4. Welcome to visit factory.
After Sales
1. Update production progress each week.
2. Sending machines pictures on production.
3. Machines testing running over 8 hours, and sending testing videos.
4. Engineer arranged to install machines.
5. Spare Parts provided.Juice Filling Machine price

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