Civilian Mask manufacturers

Magic nose, can be shaped nose clip, adjust more fit, adjust the face to ensure the protection effect.
High elasticity, loose and elastic design, more fit to face, not tightening ears.It’s wider and softer, making it more comfortable to wear and less painful to your ears.
Disposable Anti-virus Mask three-layer filtration design, using non-woven cloth, spray cloth and other materials. Can effectively prevent dust, germs, saliva and other harmful substances, so that the air filter more clean.
Generous point welding close, wear firm not easy to fall off. High temperature bonding, no use of adhesive, neat cutting edge, no cutting skin, can effectively protect the skin.
Wearing instructions
1. With the ear strap facing out and the bridge of the nose facing up, spread the mask up and down to completely cover the nose and mouth.
2. Adjust the bridge of the nose so that it fits.
3. Spread the folds down, covering the chin and cheeks completely.Civilian Mask manufacturers

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