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QTP 7530 External Climbing Flat Top Tower Crane
Tower cranes have derived a lot of varieties today in the 2010s. According to the design form, they can be divided into jack-up tower cranes, internal climbing tower cranes, flat-head tower cranes, boom-type tower cranes, and quick-mounted Tower crane and so on. Among them, the internal climbing tower crane is often used in the construction of high-rise buildings.
QTP 7530 External Climbing Flat Top Tower Crane
Boom length:75m
Tip load:3t
Mast size:2x2x3m
Free standing height:63.5m
Working type:External climbing type
Traveling type
Inner Climbing type
HSH can supply a series of topless tower crane with load moment from 100~900tm, including stationary, traveling, inner climbing and other working types.
The topless tower crane has some features, such as module design, and good universality. And the flat tower head is suitable for the group of tower crane working together. The assembly and dismantling are more convenient, which have the low requirement to the lifting equipment. Besides, the topless tower crane has long service life on the steel structure, high safety and other advantages.
Main Specifications
Max Load20tons
Tip Load3tons
Jib Length75m
Free Standing HeightStationary63.5m
MechanismsHoisting Speed (m/min)(a=2) 0-45m/min: 10t; 0-90m/min: 5t
(a=4) 0-22.5m/min: 20t, 0-45m/min: 10t
Trolleying Speed (m/min)0-65m/min
Slewing Speed (r/min)0~0.7r/min
PowerHoisting (KW)95KW
Trolleying (KW)9KW
Slewing (KW)3*9KW
The Company’s Main Business:
Bridges, gantry cranes, large tonnage cranes, metallurgical casting cranes, shipbuilding gantry cranes, port gantry cranes, container gantry cranes, single and double beam bridge cranes, grapples, electromagnetic, explosion-proof and other series Cranes; electric hoists, chain hoists, chain hoists, explosion-proof, metallurgy, wire rope and other hoists; light and small cranes, KBK gentle cranes, balance cranes, cantilever cranes, electric flat cars, lifts, lifting platforms, rail freight elevators, forklifts, And other lifting equipment.Flat Top Tower Crane suppliers

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