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The development of sunglasses has a long history. In this long history, people have designed many styles of sunglasses, including different shapes, different colors, and different materials. Among the rich styles, sunglasses with transparent frames are more and more popular among the public because these sunglasses with transparent frames are very distinctive. Here are some good transparent frame sunglasses, if you like, feel free to contact us.
This translucent frame sunglasses has always been loved by our customers. It is a very classic round frame sunglasses. Different frame colors bring different visual effects to people. If you have your own ideas about frame colors, welcome to communicate with us.
NameTranslucent frame sunglasses
Frames materialPlastic
Certification1. FDA 2. CE
Due to the light and the phosphor sprinkled in the frame, the transparent frame sunglasses look more like a semi-transparent frame. The oversized transparent frame looks cool.
NameTranslucent frame sunglasses
Frames materialPlastic
Delivery35-40 days
The transparent frame looks great, with gradient black lenses. This sunglasses deserves a more detailed understanding.NameTranslucent frame sunglasses
Frames materialPlastic
MOQ300PCS Per Color
Certifications photos:cheap Plastic Sunglasses

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