Contemporary Pool Water Features suppliers

Company Profile
PIEDRA (XIAMEN) SCULPTURE CO., LTD. Is a stainless steel sculpture fabrication foundry that fabricate Stainless Steel Sculptures, Bronze sculptures, Corten Steel Sculptures, Fiberglass Sculpture and Projects. And we are very good at manufacturing abstract sculpture, figure statue, vase sculpture, cartoon sculpture, animal sculptures, western religious statues and wall relief sculpture. We are a professional manufacturer with more than 13 years for designing, manufacturing and installing sculptures. Those metal steel sculptures and wonderful artwork statues can be used as garden sculpture, large outdoor statues, metal wall decoration, theme park decoration, yard ornaments, etc.
With more than 13 years of experiences on sculptures fabrication, we can supply you very high standard quality, great high mirror gloss effect on stainless steel sculptures. Our mainly sculptures are for artists, designers, art gallery, wholesalers, construction projects……
Due to strict quality management and good reputation overseas and domestic, our sculptures have been sold to lots of countries, USA, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Israel, Indonesia, etc. And now we have agents in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippine, we are looking forward more and more companies or people to join us to create a brilliant future together!
Concept of «highest quality, Great credit and clients’ satisfaction» is the faith in our company. Wish can get any inquiry or cooperation from you.
Our Factory
PIEDRA (XIAMEN) SCULPTURE CO., LTD. Is located in the Xiamen City, China. As a global supplier in the world, our purpose is to create added value for customers around the world. Our factory has excellence artisans to make sculptures according to clients’ drawing, sketch, model. All the final sculptures are really realistic similar to drawing.
Our Products Includes The Following
1. Mirror/Matte/Brushed/Colored Stainless Steel Sculpture
2. Antique/ Patina/Painted Bronze Sculpture
3. Natural Rusted Corten Steel Sculpture
4. Realistic Fiberglass Sculpture
We supply sculptures products all over the world, such as America, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Israel, Norway, and etc. All the products we provided have got great feedback from regular customers.
Production Line
PIEDRA (XIAMEN) SCULPTURE CO., LTD. As a professional sculpture company with our own designers and factory, which has full experienced artisans in carving and sculpting metal sculptures, bronze statues, fiberglass resin sculptures. We always provide high quality products, strict quality control system, best previous service and after-sale service to clients. Your satisfaction is our motivation to create stunning and impressive sculptures.
The Stainless Steel Sculpture /Corten Steel Sculpture Procedure
1. Make 3D drawing for client
2. Make Clay model/ Foam Model/Plastic Model as Client need
3. Make Inside Frame to support whole Sculpture
4. Cut plates piece by piece
5. Hit the Plate Arch or Shape as drawing showed
6. Weld all plates into frame as numbered
7. Deal with surface like mirror polished, matte, color, electroplating etc.
8. The Corten Steel is better to keep Rusted Surface due to its material feature.
The Bronze Sculpture/Fiberglass Statue Procedure
1. Make Clay model as Client requirements
2. Make Inside Frame of Sculpture
3. Make a Fiberglass model according to finished clay model, then deal with surface like painted color, antique, patina and so on.
4. The bronze sculpture is made according to fiberglass one, then can be made into many surface effect like fiberglass sculpture.
The Using of Sculpture
The Modern and Contemporary Sculptures are widely used in many places that show great art atmosphere and attracting scenery here.
1. Villas/ Residence Decoration/ Downtown
2. Hotel/ Club/ Home/ Office Ornaments
3. Shopping Mall/ Center Decoration
4. City/ Town/ Landscaping/ Lawn Decoration
5. Theme Park/ Amusement Park Decoration
6. Garden Decoration/ Yard Decoration
7. Seaside Decoration/ Shore Decor
8. Coffee Ornament/ Book Store Decoration
9. Gallery Display/ Museum Decoration
10. Railway/ Pathway/ Railroad/ Intersection
Choose Our Marvelous Sculpture, Decorate Your Elegant City!
Our Good Service
PIEDRA (XIAMEN) SCULPTURE CO., LTD. Has a great and strong designing team. The OEM and ODM are both warmly welcome! Every customer can provide sketch, 3D drawing or CAD for our perusal, then we can make sculptures according to the drawing and clients’ any requirements. We will do our best to make sculpture perfect and protect clients’ copyright with its design. And we not only provide previous sales consulting, but also on after-sales services. The details as below:
1. Provide some classic and modern sculptures pictures for client reference first.
2. Provide 3D drawing design if client need.
3. Fabricate high quality standardized sculptures for client.
4. Customer’s design or drawing is warmly welcome.
5. Arrange Shipment for customers.
6. Provide site installation guidance for customer,and provide workers to install at site for big project if necessary.
7. Provide previous sale and after-sale services.
8. Provide some maintained methods of Sculpture to client.
9. Can challenge some hard projects.
Cooperate Honor
Our company have sold a lot of Metal Steel Sculpture, Brass Statues and Corten Steel Sculptures and Fiberglass Sculpture to many countries. We really thanks for many regular clients to give a chance to approve of us, and it is our honor to make business with them. In a word, we are really appreciate that every old and new client choose us, believe us and coordinate with us. We promise that we will always do our best to make wonderful and glorious sculptures, let all clients to satisfy with our sculptures and statues and keep long-term good relationship with them in the future.
Our Team
PIEDRA (XIAMEN) SCULPTURE CO., LTD has long time on fabricating and selling sculptures. Our team has fore-thoughtful leaders,talented designers, capable salespersons, experienced workers and quality control person. You can be rest assured that you can choose us to cooperate with. Your any inquiry are warmly welcome.
Room 1606, Changan Bldg, No.75-77 Lvling Road, Huli District, Xiamen, 361009, Fujian, China.
Tel: 0086-13950080662, 0086-592-8264336
Fax: 0086-592-5532472
Email:, Ms.Tarrice
Email:, Ms. Cathy
Email:, Ms. AllyContemporary Pool Water Features suppliers

China Cold Drawn Honed Tube

鈥籓ur History
GLIT was established in 2010. At the beginning of its establishment, Glit was committed to providing professional hardware fittings for the hydraulic industry. In 2016, a production department for hydraulic cylinders was established, specializing in the production of various types of hydraulic cylinders as well as cylinder barrel, pistoncylinder and other cylinder accessories. GLIT’s foreign trade department was established in 2018, determined to make its own contribution to the global hydraulic cylinder industry.
鈥?Our Factory Introduction
GLIT’s hydraulic cylinder factory is located in Wuxi Hudai, the industrial base of China’s hydraulic industry. Ourfactory has 1200 square meters of workshop and several engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the hydraulic industry. Our company strictly checks the details of each product, and achieves high quality standards through excellent management concepts and superior hydraulic cylinder production inspection equipment.
As a highly specialized manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, GLIT provides design optimization solutions and reliable products to many customers at home and abroad. No matter in construction machinery, railway bridge machinery, port ship machinery, metallurgy and mining machinery, oil and light industry machinery, special vehicles and other industries, GLIT can provide various standard and non-standard hydraulic cylinder design optimization schemes and products according to users鈥?requirements, and provide integrated services for perfection and quality. At the same time, GLIT also owns 500 square meters of warehouse and continues to provide excellent hardware commodity services for hydraulic and other mechanical industries.
鈥?Out Products
Hydraulic industry: hydraulic cylinder, piston rod, cylinder barrel, cylinder system,
Hardware tools: flap disc, cutting disc, sanding disc and other abrasive tools
鈥?Product Application
Construction machinery, port ships, industrial equipment, new energy construction
鈥?Production Equipment
Drilling Machine
Automatic loop welding machine
Cleaning Machine
Spray Booth
Test Bed
鈥?Production Market
At present, 50% in China, 20% in Southeast Asia, 15% in Europe and 15% in America
鈥?Our Service
1. Provide drawings, produce and deliver according to the drawings (guarantee period is 1 year).
2. Unable to provide drawings, provide necessary parameters, issue drawings to customers for confirmation, and provide quality assurance for production and delivery.China Cold Drawn Honed Tube

Terracotta Panels Facades

About Huatai Group
Fujian Huatai Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 鈥淗uatai Group鈥? Stock Code: 830831) is a famous manufacturing group in the Chinese building material industry.
With over 20 years of experience in production management of architectural ceramics, Huatai Group is a partner in national new building material R&D projects.
In 2014, Huatai Group was named one of China鈥檚 top 500 building material enterprises, and one of China鈥檚 top 100 highest-growth building material enterprises.
As a leading enterprise in Fujian鈥檚 architectural ceramic industry, one of Fujian鈥檚 top 100 key industrial enterprises, and a high-tech enterprise of Fujian, Huatai Group has established a provincial enterprise technology center, and developed into a powerful business group of a long history.
Huatai Group is devoted to many sectors of the building material industry, including the exploration and utilization of stone, ceramic tiles, pottery clay and new energy. Under Huatai Group are famous building material brands like TOB Terracotta Panel, Huahong Ceramic Tile, Silk Road Ceramics and Ceramic Solar Energy, which enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Over the years, Huatai Group has been providing the building material industries of various countries with top-quality comprehensive building materials and the most professional engineering construction and guidance services.
TOB of Fujian Huatai group is the only national standards brand in China, and has been applied to many major projects in the world. We are also the Chinese Terracotta panel standards drafters.

Huatai Group has participated in the construction of many famous domestic and foreign projects, including the Great Hall of the People, the office building of the Central Military Commission, the multiple-use business building of People鈥檚 Daily Press, the century-old hall of Tsinghua University, the Shanghai EXPO Service Center, the Shanghai Hongqiao Traffic Hub, the Dubai Racecourse, the Hamburg ELEWACJA Church and the 2010 APEC Venue at the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia. Since the early days of new China, with the expansion of space and passage of time, Huatai Group鈥檚 growth has been seen in a great many buildings and its exuberant technological vitality has been manifested in the track of the times. For excellent product and service quality, Huatai Group鈥檚 building materials have set sales records time and again.
Since its inception, Huatai Group has been adhering to the business idea of diligence, dedication, integrity and innovation, following the trend of the times, and repeatedly promoting the great development of the Chinese building material industry.
In the 1980s, Huatai Group was the first to introduce high-tech building stone production equipment and scientific production management processes, effectively driving the development of the building stone industry.
In the 1990s, Huatai Group was the first to build a modern automatic ceramic tile production line, effectively advancing the automation of the traditional ceramic production technology.
In the early 21st century, Huatai Group took the lead in introducing the European wide-bodied roller kiln production technology and dry pressing technology, greatly improving the production efficiency and yield and promoting the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of architectural ceramics.
In the 21st century, Huatai Group has taken the lead in founding a national technology R&D center of building curtain wall terracotta panels, introducing Italian wet-type vacuum extrusion molding equipment and the internationally-advanced electronic temperature-controlled wide-bodied roller kiln. Huatai Group has further developed the world鈥檚 first five-layer roller kiln drying and automatic circulation production line, built and put into use the world鈥檚 highest-capacity and steadiest-quality building curtain wall terracotta panel production line, and established the world鈥檚 largest terracotta panel production base. Currently, Huatai Group boasts 4 production lines and 8 extruders which can produce about 8000m2 of terracotta panels and about 5000m2 of ceramic rods every day on average.
Huatai Group鈥檚 TOB Terracotta Panel has been one of the best-selling brands since it was put into production. TOB Terracotta Panel has been applied to a great many landmark and major projects in the world, such as the multiple-use business building of People鈥檚 Daily Press, the COMAC R&D Center, the National Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base, China Aerospace Qian Xuesen Science Museum, the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 Commercial Financial District, the Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, the Beijing Electronic Information Industry Park, the century-old hall of Tsinghua University, the Shanghai Hongqiao Traffic Hub Public Service Center, the Shanghai EXPO Service Center, the Gymnasium of the University of Macau at Hengqi, Zhuhai, the Ningxia Architectural Design and Research Institute, the Ningxia College for the Middle-aged and the Aged and Activity Center, the Daqing Urban Planning Exhibition Center, the Shenyang South Railway Station Building Project, the 1895 Creativity Building of Tianjin University, the Inner Mongolia Mengdong Germanium Industry Park, the Shanxi Datong Theatre, the Shandong Jiaozhou Sports/Convention and Exhibition/Cultural Center, the China Industrial Expo Park, the Anhui Museum of Historical Notables, the Chongqing Nan鈥檃n District Government Conference Center, the Guiyang International Convention Center, the Archives of Fujian Province, the Guangxi Urban Planning Exhibition Center, the Xinjiang Karasu Port, the Tibet Princess Wencheng Live-action Theatre, the Sri Lanka National Theatre, the Dubai Racecourse, the South Korea Samsung Comprehensive Building, the Bangkok Central Hospital, the 2010 APEC Venue of Russia, and the Hamburg ELEWACJA Church. The products of TOB Terracotta Panel have been sold to all parts of China, such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Yunnan, Hainan Island, Guangdong and Guangxi, as well as to foreign countries such as Germany, the United States, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Kuwait. The TOB Terracotta Panel has stood the rigorous tests of actual projects and users.
With strong technical strength and economic strength, Huatai Group has become a partner of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People鈥檚 Republic of China in terms of key scientific and technological projects.
Huatai Group has a national model production line and a national new energy technology R&D center in Quanzhou, China. In the 21st century, Huatai Group remains industrious, dedicated, faithful and creative, and keeps transcending itself and bringing forth something new from the old to continuously contribute to housing construction in China and in the world.

The TOB Terracotta Panel at the Building Materials Expo TOB Terracotta Panel Production Base
Organizational Structure
TOB Terracotta Panel Production Base
Address: Yangwei Industrial Park, Cizao Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province
Tel: 0595-85837801
Fax: 0595-85837802.
TOB Terracotta Panel Web Terracotta Panels Facades

Buy Led Stage Light Bar

Technical Parameters
Input110V-240V 50/60HZ
PUS Spec.6V*13.3A 80W
Power Consumption50W
Led light sourceCREE warm white 3W*10PCS + LEDMAN SMD5050 0.3W*60pcs
Color temperature2600K
FUSEF1.5A / 250V
DMX Channel9CH / 190CH
Product physical size780x103x73mm
Product view: Black + white two versions
Back of the light
Production Testing
DJ, Stage Show, Night Club, Party, TheaterBuy Led Stage Light Bar

Customized Plastic Ziplock Bag

Our History
Cangnan County Nobin Packaging Co.,Ltd. is located in «China Printing City» – Wenzhou Longgang New City Industrial Park. For many years, we have been committed to the development of the printing industry. In order to better meet the needs of the market, we constantly improve the quality of packaging, and strive to provide you with better products, more reasonable prices, more perfect service.
Our Factory
The company has advanced one-stop printing equipment (printing machine supports 1-10 colors, 4 sets of solvent-free compound machines, 24 sets of bag making machines), providing customers with first-class printing products and services,at the same time exporting foreign trade products.
Our Product
Professional production: custom octagonal sealing food packaging bags, custom aluminum foil self-supporting ziplock bags, custom back sealing coffee bags, custom three-side sealing bags, custom ziplock bags, custom vacuum bags, etc.

Product Application
Food packaging, cosmetic packaging, toy packaging, clothing packaging.
Our Certificate
The products have been inspected by the Japanese customs, and the relevant indicators meet the standards. The products are exported to Australia, Europe and the United States.
Production Equipment

Production Market
Over the years, the company has actively explored in the tide of market economy, has been brave in innovation, and has accumulated rich experience. The factory will continue to develop new printing technologies, build a strong design team, implement strict quality management, and increase your satisfaction with the products. Our products are exported to Australia, the United States, Japan and other countries and are widely acclaimed.
Our Service
There is one-to-one communication between customers before the sale, which can be customized according to samples or artwork. Production process: According to the color draft / sample film arrangement printing, compounding, bag making. The product will be subjected to three quality inspections (print quality inspection, solvent residue quality inspection, finished product quality inspection) before leaving the factory. If there is any problem with the quality, it can be replenished and re-produced after confirmation.Customized Plastic Ziplock Bag

Zebra Blinds suppliers

鈻?Our History
Guangzhou Lianshui Textiles Co.,Ltd. (old name: Kingmond Window Decoration Co., Ltd)is a professional manufacturer in all kinds of blinds fabric and manual/motorized/smart control window blinds field with more than 6 years. We has been dedicated to providing clients with best quality products with best price.
鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
Our factory area: more than 5000 square meters;
Experienced workers: 100 persons;
Marketing staffs: more than 10 persons;
Experienced & outstanding QC: 3 persons;
鈻?nbsp;Our Product
Our products include all kinds of blinds fabric, Blackout/Translucent roller blinds , Zebra blinds, Sunscreen blinds, 3D print roller blinds, vertical blinds, Shangrila blinds, bamboo blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, etc. OEM/ODM orders are highly welcomed.

鈻?nbsp;Product Application
Hotel project, Hospital project, school project, home window decoration project, swimming poor project, supermarket project, restaurant project,etc.
鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate
SGS, CE, ISO901,ROHS,ISO14001锛?etc.
鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment
More then 50pcs machine. Including 20pcs knitting machine, 5pcs 3D printing machine, 8pcs fabric cutting machine, 10pcs components cutting machine, 5pcs Detection machine ,3pcs packaging machine, 2pcs laser logo machine, etc.
鈻?nbsp;Production Market
Our products are selling well to USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, etc.
鈻?nbsp;Our Service
Strict Quality Management system :
1. Raw Material management: Strict Assessment of raw material suppliers & Raw material QC team to test twice before receiving;
2. Semi-finished products examination|: Each procedure have half-finished QC to examine if it is qualified?
3. Examine before packaging: 100% examination the finished goods before packing;
4. Examination before shipment: Random Examine of goods according to The national sampling inspection standards Zebra Blinds suppliers

Customized Luxury Tote Bag

Who We Are
Joint (Xiamen) Trading Co.,Ltd is a young and vigorous company, we are committed to developing packaging and printing cultural products, such as packing paper box with various style, gift box, display box, special shape box, storage box, Printing paper packing bag, Plastic packing bag, PVC bag, TPU bag, EVA bag, Festive decoration, Printing tags and labels and office products.
Nowadays, packing products no longer just an instruction, it is also a mobile advertising platform that allows consumers to look at a wide variety of commodities. It is also a brand epitome bearing cultural connotation and a social symbol that can establish contact with consumers. An outstanding brand can’t without a good packing.
We鈥檙e a group of fun, hard-working, creative, and experienced professionals who also happen to be packing and printing lover. We believe that good packaging and printing culture products can make our life more beautiful and methodical, and we鈥檝e made it our mission to get human life be better.

Our Customer Service
1. Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Just Ask Us!
We can help you track down hard-to-find products from thousands of suppliers.
2. Speak to a live person who is familiar with the products you need
Industry-leading experience and expertise
Fully dedicated to serving you to get the job done
Making returns easy and fast for you
3. Getting the products you need is important, but that’s just part of the picture. You need services and resources that improve how well you do your job. That is what our sales team provides every day! Customized Luxury Tote Bag

3D Plastic Acrylic Logo suppliers

Our History
Sichuan Jaguar Sign Express Co. Ltd with over 20 years professional letter & signage manufacturing leading supplier in china and developing letter & signage internation trade since 2014.
After 20 years of accumulation, Jaguar Sign has more than 120 employees who have rich experience in design, production and international sales. Jaguar Sign provide customer with » one-stop » service from project planning, design, technology assessment, installation solution, sample and formal production, assembly, quality inspection, shipping, at the end of after-sales service. Following the customer benefit first to help customer’s enterprise achieve the maximum brand value.

Our Factory
Jaguar Sign located in industrial park of Hi-tech development west zone, chengdu, china with 12000 square meters factory of environmental certification. The production lines uses fully automatic large-scale signage production machine and most of equipment is imported from Germany and Japan.

Our Product
Company’s main products include illuminated letter and sign, metal letter and sign, light boxes, plaques, smd led circuit board etc.
Jaguar Sign is committed to invest funds and manpower in research and development of product and keeps forging ahead on the path of technological innovation.

Product Application
Advertising Led Letters and Sign, Metal Letters and Sign, Advertising Light Box, Kiosk, Pylon Sign

Our Certificate
Jaguar sign has passed CE/ UL/ RoHS/ ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 certification to ensure the customer’s various of quality requirements for the products.
Production Equipment
Automatic Led Circuit Board Production Line
Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Line: JTL-1820
Carving Machine: 1325
Sheet Metal Forming Line: QC12Y
Laser Cutting Machine
Acrylic Carving Machine: SJGN60V
Bending Machine: WC67K
Laser Welding Machine: Gx-130CSW 2.0
Production Market
There are many clients of us in the world, such as U.S.A, Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Finland, Austria, Korea, Japan, etc.
Export Market Distribution (Previous Year) Total Revenue锛?锛?
Domestic Market 40%
North America 26.72%
South America 0.7%
Western Europe 24.36%
Northern Europe 0.72%
Southern Europe 1.1%
Southeast Asia 1.3%
Eastern Asia 1.4%
Oceania 3.7%
Our service
1. Free to provide customers with the installation plan.
2. The products warranty for one year 锛圛f the product has a quality problem, we will provide the new products for replacement or maintenance of the original products for free, and the transportation fee caused will be pay by the customer锛?
3. Professional after-sales customer service agent will response after-sales question online in 24 hours.
Over With stable raw material supplier system and employee management system strictly control the production process and period.
As long as the products is under normal use, the company will be responsible for the limited warranty within the warranty period due to the quality problem of the product.
The following situations do not belong to the warranty category:
1. Failure or damage caused by improper use. And dirty mark or surface scratches caused by transportation, loading and unloading, cracking, collision etc.
2. Not our company technician or without authorized who maintenance or disassemble the products.
3. The products under the working conditions of use stipulated fault or damage caused by the (such as the temperature, wet, dry, high altitude, voltage, current and so on).
4. Failure or damage caused by irresistible (e.g. fire, earthquake, etc) .
5. Failure or damage caused by user or third-party misuse or improper installation and commissioning.
6. The warranty period has expired. 3D Plastic Acrylic Logo suppliers

Skateboard Hardware Nuts Bolts price

ICAN Industrial Limited ——The leader of Skateboard manufacturer in China from over the years, ICAN Industrial Limited a factory that specialized in manufacture skateboard, longboard and skateboard parts锛坱ruck, deck, bearing, griptape, hareware, wheel, skateboard heat transfer film), we adhering to the «customer first, service formost » philosophy and only provide high end quality products with best service to our customers.
We support OEM and ODM, from the conception to final product, we are turnkey company to build your own skateboard what you want!
We feel that the high end skateboard industry is not about delivering an acceptable skateboard at a low price. That鈥檚 Wal-Mart. We are think about delivering the best skateboard and services at a competitive price. Working with ICAN means working with a strong manufacturer that stands behind its products. We feel that is important for serious players that want to operate in this business for a long time. Before choosing a manufacturer, we suggest you ask them to explain how they will delivery you quality products and service, not just if and how much we feel that quality and service are paramount when catering to the high end market, but we also realize that this market is becoming increasingly competitive.
As a professional skateboard manufacturer,we are always looking for the long term business partner to establish win-win success. We insist on developing particularly according to customer’s need to make sure we supply them with suitable and satisfying products.
Our main market is in United States, United of Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Korea ect. and our products has won high recognization and good reputation among our customers.
We believe that supports, understanding, loyalty is the only way to lead us to win-win success. We would like to establish business relationship with customers all over the world. We will try our best to fulfill successful cooperation between us. Any need you can contact with us.
Contact us
ICAN Industrial Limited
China Professional Skateboard Factory
Contact person: Sarah chen
Telephone number :+86 755 84821761
Mobile:+86 15986747616
Whatsapp:+86 15986747616
Address: Wutong Space Work New Field, Bixin Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China 518116
Aftersale Service
Contact person :Jason chen
E-mail : aftersales@icanfastspeed.comSkateboard Hardware Nuts Bolts price

Makeup Bath Frameless Lighted Mirror factory

Our History
2009 EJAN office was founded in Guangzhou.
2010 Eterna Lighting was founded in Foshan, and our LED mirrors passed TUV/CE certificated.
2012 Eterna Lighting developed new LED mirrors and passed UL & cUL certificated.
2013 Eterna Lighting got the 1st ETL & cETL certificate of LED mirrors.
2017 Eterna Lighting passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification by SGS and won the National High-Tech Enterprise honorary title.
2019 Eterna lighting introduced LED Lighted Mirror Cabinets and passed ETL & cETL certificated.
Our Factory
Eterna Lighting is a high-tech enterprise established in 2010 and located in Foshan, South of China. We are specialized in the field of researching, developing & manufacturing of lighted mirrors and mirror cabinets. Our products are widely applied to hospitality and residential industry.
We have a professional and experienced technical development group. They are willing to design and manufacture products with both standard and customized specifications. All our products must be 100% tested to ensure their functionality, reliability, security and durability before shipment. Our customers are from North America, East Europe, North Europe, Oceania, Middle East etc.
During the past few years, our No. 1 priority has always been customer service and customer satisfaction. We have done a lot to raise quality levels and striven to establish a sound quality management and guarantee system. Furthermore, our company has attained ISO 9001 quality system certification and won the National High-Tech Enterprise honorary title. Most of our products passed UL, ETL, CE, RoHS, SAA etc. certification.
If you have any new product ideas or concepts, please contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you and providing satisfactory products.
Our Product
Frameless and Framed LED Lighted Mirrors
LED Lighted Mirror Cabinets
Non-Lighted Mirror Cabinets
Bathroom Mirrors and Full Length Mirrors
LED infinity mirrors
LED make up mirrors
Hollywood Lighted Mirrors
Muti-function Smart Mirrors
Product Application
Hotel; Beauty Salon; Barbershop; Health Center; Fitting Room; Home interior decoration; Bathroom; Bedroom; Wardrobe, etc.
Our Certificate
Enterprise: National High-tech Enterprise; ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification; Guangdong Provincial Contract-honoring and Credit Enterprise
Product Certification: UL cUL; ETL cETL; CE RoHS; SAA etc.
Patent Certificate: 7
Production Equipment
Laser cutting Machine; Bending Machine; Shearing Machine; Punching Machine; Tapping Machine; Drilling Machine; Welding Machine etc.
Production Market
North America; West Europe; North Eruope; Oceania; Middle East etc.
Our Service
We can offer the following services to our clients:
Designing & Sampling service;
Die sinking, Producing & Quality Controlling service;
Certifying & Testing service;
Packaging & Delivery service;
Quality guarantee and After-sales service.Makeup Bath Frameless Lighted Mirror factory

Motorized Boogie Board manufacturers

With this adult sea motorized boogie board, the adults who can鈥檛 swim also can have fun. Its powful propeller and high-speed function allows them to swim in the sea like dolphins. We design this electric bodyboard with the aim that anyone can experience leisure water activities.
Features & Advantages:
1. Its shell is made from high-quality ABS plastics that has strong rigidity and good anti-corrosion property.Its spare parts and propeller are put into quality test before production to ensure its long durability.

2. Its structure and function are very simple and easy for all user groups to control.
3. It has four adjustable speed and its maximum speed can reach 6500 rpm. Therefore, the adult can get a chance to surf on the water and enjoy an thrilling journey. For those who can鈥檛 swim, they can switch to a lower speed to get accustomed to bodyboarding when they first go into the water. In addition, its automatic protection device can protect their safety when there happens an accident.
TypeElectric Bodyboard
Color White (Optional Color)
MaterialABS Plastics
Packing Size93.5 * 28 *51.5 CM
Gross Weight15 KG
Net Weight10 KG
Carrying Weight<100KG
Water Surface SpeedHydrostatic Surface 5-15KM/H
Paddle SpecificationTrefoil full penetration diameter 18.5CM
Propeller1 pcs
Propeller VoltageDC36V
Propeller Speed6500 rpm
Propeller Power3200W
Propeller MaterialAluminum alloy die casting
Propeller Weight1.5KG
Propeller Size20*20*22CM
Propeller InstallationIndependent suspension
Battery Installation Quick insertion and removal of self-locking structure
Battery ConfigurationDC36V/12AH
Charging MethodContact type
Charging Time2-4H
Working Miles30-60 minutes (can increase battery capacity according to user needs to adjust the cruising range)
Waterproof LevelIP68
Company Introduction
The co-founders of HGLTECH is a group of passionate and innovative post-80s technology enthusiasts. They have been in the electronic intelligent automation industry for nearly 10 years and all are skillful from circuit design to PCB layout, embedded software/hardware development , component selection and performance evaluation, product testing, SMT/DIP production and process quality control. Each process is fully experienced and well performed.Motorized Boogie Board manufacturers


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