Woven Hat in stock

100% WOOL
A classic wool felt trilby featuring a big embroidery patch on the crown and brim.
A pinch front crown that is accented with the embroidery.
Black sweatband inside
You can change the felt wool color and change to different embroidery patch
Product details:
CharacterFits all
Popular elementBig flower decoration
Apply to genderFemale
Apply to seasonSpring, Autumn, Winter
ColorAs pic and can make the customization color
Our process:
Consultation – Quotation – Sampling – Confirmation – Order – Inspection 鈥?Shipment
1. Fabric customization and inspection (professional customized fabrics, which can stand authoritative quality inspection and inspection by institutions, and have reliable quality)
2. Adhesive compound lining
3. Cutting and cutting (adhesive lining compound, cutting and cutting, small piece cutting, making every step to ensure the quality of the product)
4. Small clip pruning and inspection
5. Embroidery plate making
6. Computerized embroidery (the factory has introduced advanced embroidery equipment, which can realize high-efficiency embroidery, and many of our exquisite embroidery products come from it)
7. Embroidery inspection
8. Sewing production (piecing, thread pressing, visor attaching, sweatband stitching, trademark stitching).Many years of experience in making hats, the hats produced are of high quality.
9. Auxiliary for finished products
10. Complete inspection of finished products
11. Professional needle detector (professional needle detector equipment, to ensure product safety, many other hat factories do not have needle detector steps)
12. Ironing (professionally press the visor, and various hat types are equipped with corresponding helmet, steam shaping, to ensure the three-dimensional beauty of the hats received by customers)
13. Inspection of finished products
14. Final inspection and shipment (with a professional and responsible attitude, every link has been carefully inspected, and the finished product can only be shipped after four inspections)
1. Are you the hat manufacture?
Answer: Yes, we are the directly factory.
2.Do you support the incoming sample, and do you want to customize the drawing?
Answer: We support samples and customized drawings.
3. Do you support small batch customization?
Answer: We support small batches, 50 tops, 100 tops customized. But the qty will be surcharge.Woven Hat in stock

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