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Electromagnetic bridge crane is a kind of bridge crane. With removable electric magnetic disk, it is especially suitable for heavy loading and unloading and handling of magnetic ferrous metal products and materials (such as steel ingots, section steel, pig iron blocks) in metallurgical factories indoor or in open fixed spans in the open air. It is also commonly used in machinery factories and warehouses to move materials such as steel, iron, scrap iron, scrap steel, and iron filings.
The basic structure of the electromagnetic bridge crane is the same as that of the hook bridge crane. The difference is that a DC lifting electromagnetic chuck is hung on the hook, which is used to lift ferrous metal and its products with magnetic permeability. The AC power is converted into DC power through the SCR DC box installed in the driver’s cabin, and then the DC power cable is sent to the electromagnetic chuck through the special cable reel installed on the car.
According to the structure, electromagnetic bridge cranes can be divided into electromagnetic single-beam bridge cranes, double-beam electromagnetic bridge cranes, double-beam double trolley electromagnetic bridge cranes, electromagnetic hanging beam bridge crane etc.
When the crane is working, as long as the current in the electromagnet coil is kept, the sucked heavy objects will not fall. The invisible magnetic force is more reliable than the sturdy chain. The electromagnetic crane cannot handle the hot iron block because the high temperature steel cannot be magnetized.Steel Plate Cranes price

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