Ringlock Scaffolding Board Bracket price

Company Profile
EAST GRACE TECH (EGT) is one of the largest and most professional Scaffold & Formwork suppliers in China. Since 1990, EGT has been exported to more than fifty countries worldwide and delivered high-quality Scaffolding and Formwork to contractors and project managers over the world. As one of the leading scaffolding manufacturers in the China, EGT has the most advanced automatic scaffolds welding production lines, multiple large production workshops, produces 30000 tons of scaffolds annually. And EGT has a warehouse is located in Los Angeles, USA. Here, our team will supply you with high quality products, profeesional techniacal support and on-time delivery for your requirements.
What We Make
We manufacture and sell Ringlock System Scaffold, Cuplock Sysetem Scaffold, QES System Scaffold, Frame System Scaffold, Kwikstage/ Crab System Scaffold, Rolling Towers System, Shoring & Props, Tube Clamp, Couplers, Planks, Decks, Platforms, Walkways, Stairs, Rails, Fences, slab formwork, floor formwork, wall formwork column formwork and all related accessories. In addition to standard products, EGT can also provide OEM or ODM service and customized.
Why Choose Us
EGT products are designed and produced in compliance with international standards such as EN12810, OSHA, BS:EN39, BS:EN74, ANSI/SSFI SC100-5/05, and AS/NZS 1576.
Safety and Quality
EGT always put safety first. At the same time, under the premise of the same quality, the price of the product is minimized. Cost-effective.
Product traceability system
EGT had established product traceability system for all producing processes, such as forging, casting, tubing, cutting, punching, turning, heat treating, grinding, assembly, welding, surface treating(like Hot dip galvanized electric plated & powder coated), erecting, packing and loading.
R & D and Innovation
EGT has strong R & D and design capabilities, and EGT invest 20% of profits every year in research and development of new products.
Technical Support
EGT has a strong technical team to solve various problems in application and use of our scaffolds.
EGT has long-term good relations with a large number of American, European, Asia, Oceanian, African companies. There are even a lot of customers have been cooperating with us more than 10 years. We can provide these customers information, you can know us better on the quality of products and services through our regular customers.Ringlock Scaffolding Board Bracket price

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