Customized Digital Indoor Antenna

Our History
The company was founded in 2001锛宧ave 19years history
Our Factory
Our factory is one specialized is engaged in the research, development, design of high-tech companies TV antenna manufacturing more than 19 years.
The company is located in the In longyou county economic and technological development zone, zhejiang province.
The advanced technology and successful Through the tireless efforts of staff.
Company now covers an area of 25000 m2, including office and workshop 15000 square meters building area, there are More than 300 employees, including professional and technical people 15% of the total.They have formed a complete the quality of the management team to lead.The national level in the same industry. Research of wireless devices,Development, and production by the company has gained several patents and promotion Industry rapid development.Product features and functions
At present, the company has several major series and More than 100 different types of antenna,Such as digital high-definition TV antenna, indoor antenna series, remote control can antenna. Be used its products Covers the high-end, midrange and low-end market, And has formed a complete product line. At the same time,Company also has a coaxial cable, metal processing and die, antenna, leading products, etc.
Our Product
Antenna锛宑oaxial cable, metal processing and die.
Product Application
Home appliance.
Our Certificate
T28001, ISO9001, ISO14001
Production Equipment
Production Market
Mainly Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America.Customized Digital Indoor Antenna

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