China Uv Lamp Nail Dryer

Our History
ICE BEAUTY NAIL MANUFACTURING LTD was established in Hongkong since 2004 focus on nail machine industry including nail drill, electric nail file, uv led nail lamp, nail dust collectors. We have a reliable team to explore Innovative and practical nail machines, a production plant with strict quality control, and a professional team to develop and develop products. The strong team and high-quality products make us go faster and further.
Our Factory
With a 3,000 square meter factory,3 Pruduc more than eighty employees, an efficient system of production and a strong R&D department, we can serve our customers promptly and efficiently. Excellent quality, competitive price, timely shipment and friendly service have earned us a fantasy reputation and rapid growth in business.
Our Product
Our company is committed to manufacturing high-quality and fashionable nail machine products, charging nail drill, usb charging nail drill, cordless nail drill, professional nail drill, nail dryer, nail dust collector, nail polish remover, callus remover product and so on.

Product Application
Our nail machine products are suitable for nail salons, home made nails, professional beauty salons.
Our Certificate
We have dozens of patents for the nail machine industry:
1. Electric nail drill, with Appearance patent
2. Electirc Toot File callus remover Machine: with Appearance patent and Patent
3. UV led nail lamp: with Appearance patent
4. Nail Dust Collector: with Appearance patent
5. Steam off Gel Remover: with Appearance patent
6. Wax Heater machine: with Appearance patent
Production Equipment
We can produce an unlimited number of nail art machine products, and provide some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities. We can also continuously improve and develop nail art machine products based on customer needs, including custom molding.
Production Market
Our products are steadily exported to USA, Canada, Europe, in total more than 40 countries.
1.We are one of the most advanced nail drill machine manufacturers in the world, with more than 20 designs.
2. There are 3 nail lamps that have long been on Amazon’s best seller list, and our nail dust collector have the highest sales on Amazon.
3. We are one of the world’s most professional manufacturers of electric foot file. Our electric foot file are leading the sales of major e-commerce platforms and offline salons.
4. We have more than 10 patents for nail drill, nail lamp, nail cleaner, nail callus remover, nail remover, etc. Our products are very competitive.
Our Service
1. Sample order, OEM, ODM or Customization service available.
2. Fast Delivery Speed: 1-3 days for samples, 7-12 days for bulk order.
3. Quality Guarantee: 12 months warranty, good after sales service for you.
4. Quality Control: We have strict requirement to ensure product quality from purchasing of raw material to the whole process. Also we make quality test before stock out.
5. Technical guidance: All of our team members have received professional training and are very familiar with the use of products. You can consult online at any time. China Uv Lamp Nail Dryer

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