Aviation Parts factory

Material:C3604 brass
Processing: CNC machining&Silvering
Application:Aviation&UAV industry
Conventional materials and specifications
Aluminum alloyLightweight material, High strengh, high erosion resistance, Excellent processing performance, apply to automobile, aviation, Electronics industries.
Titanium alloyLightweight material, High strengh, high erosion resistance, apply to automobile industries
Stainless steelHigh oxidation resistance, high erosion resistance, high temperature resistance, apply to industrial construction, medical, lightly products
Low carbon steelGood comprehensive performance,apply to mechanical parts
BrassGood mechanical property, free-cutting property, apply to the spart parts with large loading capacity
Metal plateLightweight material, High strengh, widely apply to Electronics, Medical equipments, Communication industries
1. How does Hongyi ensure the quality,the accuracy of the our precision components?
Once we got the drawings or files from you, we would confirm all datas with you before production, and figure out whether there would be anything to affect the quality or accurecy. And offer the inspection report to you after products finished.
2. The drawing or the file we offer is exclusive and confidential for us,and how does Hongyi keep the information safe?
Each customer is valuable for us, we would sign the relative confidential aggrement, and would not disclose any information or datas to any other.
3. How &How fast can we get the precision components&parts?
Basically, we quote the relative precision products based on EXW, and would send the goods to u via DHL, Fedex, UPS, which it would take around 3-5 days. With large quantity, we do suggest to be sent by sea to save more freight then.Aviation Parts factory

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