Air Cooler manufacturers

Optimal cooling solution for open space
1.New type blade,subjected to the tests of dynamic balance,ensures generation of a lot air volume at the reasonable blade angle and a good noise control
2. National patent aluminum alloy shutters with particular pneumatic opening and shutting mechanism, adopting the inclined belt to drive, ensure the shutters can open and shut fully to protect against wind or rain and dust.
3. Fan is subject to eight strict quality testing procedures鈥攏oise, vibration, dynamic balance, static balance, rotary concentric performance, blade rotating speed, overall effiniency test prior to shipment.
4.Can be conbined with cooling pads to form vertical ventilating and cooling system, which is the most inexpensive and effective cooling measure in summer
5. The cooling fans we produce are widely used in industrial workshop,civil field or aricultural fields鈥ur products enjoy high reputation at home and abroad and sell well in China, Southeastern Asia, Africa,Mid East,USA,Europe,etc.Air Cooler manufacturers

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