Customized FFU And HEPA BOX

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Room side Replaceable HEPA Box
鈼?Trapping 99.99% or higher of 0.3渭m particles
鈼?Anodized aluminum alloy extrusions frame with externally applied fireproof heat-insulator
鈼?Adopting ultra-fine fiber glass paper with low resistance and large air volume, the built-in mini pleat filter occupies small space
鈼?Generous appearance, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance
鈼?Each filter in HEPA box is through rigorous testing
Suitable as terminal filtration of air supply system in clean workshops and clean rooms required the high cleanliness. Availably to ensure air flow speed and prevent swirl
Roomside Replaceable HEPA Box
NumModelLWHFilter dimentionAir speedAirflow.pressure drop H13/H14 AirlowInlet sizeadvised celling hole sizeInsulation
1S3203206935355355280320*320*690.45115 / 14016625036536515mm
2S4844846935519519280484*484*690.45115 / 14037925052952915mm
3S5705706935605605280570*570*690.45115 / 14052630061561515mm
4S6306306935665665280630*630*690.45115 / 14064330067567515mm
5S9156106935950645280915*610*690.45115 / 14090430096065515mm
6S96848469351003519280968*484*690.45115 / 140759300101352915mm
7S1170570693512056052801170*570*690.45115 / 1401080300121561515mm
8S117011706935120512052801170*1170*690.45115 / 14022183001215121515mm
Non-standard size can be customized, the details according to the Tech Department.銆€
9S3203208055375375280320*320*800.75160 / 19527625035035015mm
10S4844848055539539280484*484*800.75160 / 19563230051451415mm
11S5705708055625625280570*570*800.75160 / 19587730060060015mm
12S6306308055685685280630*630*800.75160 / 195107230066066015mm
13S9156108055970665280915*610*800.75160 / 195150735094564015mm
14S96848480551023539280968*484*800.75160 / 195126530099851415mm
15S1170570805512256252801170*570*800.75160 / 1951801350120060015mm
16S117011708055122512252801170*1170*800.75160 / 19536963501200120015mm
Non-standard size can be customized, the details according to the Tech Department.銆€
17S3203209375395395280320*320*931.00200 / 22036925036036015mm
18S4844849375559559280484*484*931.00200 / 22084330052452415mm
19S5705709375645645280570*570*931.00200 / 220117030061061015mm
20S6306309375705705280630*630*931.00200 / 220142930067067015mm
21S9156109375990685280915*610*931.00200 / 220200935095565015mm
22S96848493751043559280968*484*931.00200 / 2201687350100852415mm
23S1170570937512456452801170*570*931.00200 / 2202401350121061015mm
24S117011709375124512452801170*1170*931.00200 / 22049283501210121015mm
Non-standard size can be customized, the details according to the Tech Department.銆€
Roomside Disposable HEPA Box
25S5705706935600600250570*570*690.90200 / 220105330061061015mm
26S1170570693512006002501170*570*690.90200 / 2202161300121061015mm
Non-standard size can be customized, the details according to the Tech Department.銆€
Items 8-21 could be equipped with diffuser.
Items 9-24 can be fitted with a diffuser panel.
Other sizes are available on request.
The size of the hole will change according to the different profiles.
Q1: Can the product be customized?
A1: Yes, customized filters are available.

Q2: Are you a factory or trading company?
A2: We are Top 5 professional factory with rich experience in clean room engineering in China,and we have 15 patents for our products.
Q3: How long is the delivery time?
A3: It depends on the order quantity. Usually it takes about 15 to 20 working days after receiving your deposit.

Q4: How about the shipment?
A4: By sea, by air or by express, according to the Qty and your demand. Customized FFU And HEPA BOX

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