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Electrical panel AC surge protector
Price: Pls kindly leave us your contacting method, we will send you a latest pricelist as the price is changing with the raw material.
HDU1-II80 series surge protector device(hereinafter referred to as SPD) is usd for power supply system such as IT,TT,TN-C,TN-S,TN-CS, etc. for low-voltage AC distribution system, for indirect lightning and direct lightning or other A surge of transient overvoltage is protected. Class I surge protective device. The SPD has a common mode(MC)protection. The SPD complies with GB/T18802.1/IEC61643-II.
The main technical parameters:
Installed at the junction of LPZ1 or LPZ2 and LPZ3, 35mm standard rail is installed, and the multi-strand wire connecting enamel is 2.5-35mm2.
The SPD must be set to protect at each pole. Used fuse or small circuit breaker lightning current SPD protection for short circuit protection after SPD breakdown.
Installed in the floor distribution box, computer center, telecommunications room, elevator control room, cable TV room, fire center, villa, residential household distribution box, etc.
Main structure and working principle:
SPD is a port, anti-stock protection, indoor fixed installation, voltage limited type.
SPD built-in disconnector. When the SPD fails due to overheating and breakdown, the disconnector can automatically detach its grid and given an indication signal. When the SPD is woking normally, the window product displays green, and when it fails, it displays red.
The SPD of 1P+N,2P+N,3P+N consists of SPD+NPE zero-ground protection modules of 1P, 2P, and 3P, and is applied to TT, TN-S and other power supply systems.
Main character:
1.Quick response and high discharge capacity.
2.4.Aging invalidation:green:Normal,red:invalidation.
3.4.Protection Level: T2
4.4.Our SPD provides more reliable protection by Double thermal disconnection devices.
1.35mm din rail installed, saving space. Fast to fix the SPD in the cabinet.
2.Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV) Large discharge capacity with low residual voltage and fast response.
3.Laser code: Laser printing to show permanent parameters
4.Experienced: our team has 13 years of experience.
Power,communications, construction, security, transportation, petroleum, military industry, factory automation, new energy, all kinds of power supply and signal equipment. Let鈥檚 see the communication industry.
Communication industry: The central office equipment is the transmission node of the entire communication network. After being damaged by lightning, it has a wide range of impact and large losses. Operators鈥?needs for lightning protection are very clear. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also adopted mandatory lightning protection measures for compliance certification of the communication industry.
Data center integrated lightning protection, mobile communication equipment room lightning protection, PDU cabinet socket lightning protection, equipment room lightning protection
Production Process:
Q:What is our delivery time?
A:Samples can be send within 3 days. Mass production depends on the quantity, usually no later than one month.
Q:When can I receive quotation? and detail information after send the enquiry?
A: No later than 12 hours, often reply immediately.
Q:I need your price list of all your products, can you supply?
A:We have price list of all our products. But the price is always changing due to the raw material. If you have any doubt about the price, pls kindly let us know, we can discuss.
Q: Do you supply us samples?
A: Yes
Q:Which country do your product sell?
A;Almost all over the world, mainly North America and Europe.
Certification锛?/strong>China Surge Protective Device

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