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CARAS has been committed to air suspension for so many years, shock absorber exploration and production and marketing, deep car friends trust, shock absorber has been tested in accordance with the most stringent OE standard, quality problems can be guaranteed. CARAS shock absorber can effectively eliminate abnormal sound and shake, making driving more comfortable. At the same time, reduce the tire and base wear, prolong the service life of related chassis parts, reduce the maintenance cost of the car.
When shock absorbers need to be replaced, CARAS shock absorbers are a good choice.
-Shock absorbers play a major role on bumpy, winding roads, reducing body vibration, keeping your car stable on such roads, and reducing the discomfort of driving
-The shock absorbers have been tested to the most stringent OE standard and all the product sold have passed the test.
-When you receive the product, it will be accompanied by an easy-to-understand instruction manual
-During assembly, the surface of the piston rod should be protected to avoid pulling or knocking the piston rod with tools, which may cause leakage of the shock absorber
9703 4305 134(L)
9703 4305 234(R)
Applied Vehicles
970 Panamera 2014-
3.0 S Hybrid
4.8 4S
4.8 S
4.8Turbo SChina Porsche Air Suspension suppliers

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