China Liquid aluminum electromagnetic iron absorber

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Shanghai Huaigong Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of electromagnetic equipment in East China. The company integrates scientific research, development, production, sales and service. The leading products of the enterprise are: electromagnetic chuck, permanent magnetic chuck, electric permanent magnetic chuck, lifting electromagnet, demagnetizer, etc. The product variety is perfect to meet the needs of different customers. The company has domestic modern production plants, equipment and standardized office premises. The company has 118 employees, including 45 professional and technical personnel. It hires senior magnetic technology experts in the industry as long-term consultants of our company, and joint product development with several well-known domestic universities; fully automated testing equipment and perfect quality management system To ensure product quality; the layout of the overseas offices is reasonable to ensure that they are on the spot to deal with customer problems and customer demands as soon as possible.
There are 12 varieties of electromagnetic chucks, specifically: rectangular standard electromagnetic chucks, lifting electromagnets, longitudinal pole magnetic chucks, powerful electromagnetic chucks for milling, strong magnetic chucks for multi-faced vertical milling, magnetic chucks for sharpeners, round Shaped magnetic chuck, multifunctional powerful magnetic chuck for grinding, electric permanent magnetic chuck, rotary electromagnetic chuck, magnetic chuck controller (charge and demagnetization controller).
There are 19 varieties of permanent magnetic chucks, specifically: ordinary standard magnetic chuck, strong dense pole permanent magnetic chuck, strong dense pole copper magnetic chuck, super strong magnetic chuck, round dense pole magnetic chuck, radiating pole round magnetic chuck, Ultra-thin magnetic chuck, high-precision integrated sine magnetic chuck, single tilt dense pole permanent magnetic chuck (including fine-tuned sine magnetic table), precision longitudinal sine magnetic disk, double tilt dense pole magnetic chuck, new tiltable dense magnetic chuck, permanent magnet Heavy equipment, special powerful magnets for super hard materials, special magnetic suction cups for wire cutting, double-sided permanent magnetic discs, permanent magnet square irons, permanent magnet V-shaped square irons, and fine-mesh dense-pole suction cups for engraving machines.
Demagnetizer mainly includes desktop demagnetizer, portable demagnetizer, frame demagnetizer. The magnetic conduction block includes an electromagnetic chuck magnetic conduction block and a permanent magnetic chuck magnetic conduction block.China Liquid aluminum electromagnetic iron absorber

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