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Product Description
Paper straw cartoning machine is suitable for packing AL/PL Blister, bottle, Pillow Type Bags and other related similar content compact automatic leaflet folding, box opening and loading, batch number embossing as well as sealing technology processes. (Options hot-glue device extra).
Automatic carton packing machine adopts PLC Control. Optical detect every part of the machine. The machine will stop automatically and trouble display when machine running exceptional in order to solving trouble in time. This machine can be used separately and also connect with Blister Packaging Machine online.
1. Rejection automatically if no product, nonstandard height or lack of leaflet.
2. Stop automatically if incorrect position of products into carton.
3. Stop automatically if no cartons or out of leaflet continues.
4. Easy to change to different products.
5. Protecting automatically for overloading.
6. Automatically display device for speed and finished products counting.
Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machines:
On semi-automatic cartoning machines, whether vertical or horizontal, the product is inserted in the carton manually by the operator. The absence of an automatic infeed simplifies operation of the machine, but significantly reduces production speed and throughput, and requires the presence of many operators.
Automatic Cartoning Machines:
There are two types of automatic cartoning machine: continuous mode and intermittent mode. Continuous cartoning machines are particularly suited to high speed lines, for generally solid and regular-shaped products that do not need special provisions for handling. Continuous operation enables progressive and delicate insertion of the products. Given the high frequency that can be reached (from 60 to over 400 cartons per minute), in may cases it is recommended, or even essential for an automatic feed system to be used. These cartoning machines are often equipped with accessory units, for example, fold and automatically insert the illustration leaflets, and apply codes by etching or ink. The continuous or intermittent cartoning machines are designed to pack products in cartons with lateral loading of the product into the carton, and closure of the ends by hot-melt application or flap insertion. The product can be inserted by the operator or via a synchronized mechanical or electronic device, with product collection fro the production line and automatic transfer to the compartments of the machine.
Technical parameter
Capacity30-100 boxes/min
Overall size3400脳1550脳1560
Box sizeMin: 50脳20脳14mm
Max: 250脳150脳80mm
Box material250-400 g/m2
Air pressure鈮?.6Mpa
Total power1.5KW
Motor power1.2KW
Machine weight1000Kg
Machine picture:
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