3D Plastic Acrylic Logo suppliers

Our History
Sichuan Jaguar Sign Express Co. Ltd with over 20 years professional letter & signage manufacturing leading supplier in china and developing letter & signage internation trade since 2014.
After 20 years of accumulation, Jaguar Sign has more than 120 employees who have rich experience in design, production and international sales. Jaguar Sign provide customer with » one-stop » service from project planning, design, technology assessment, installation solution, sample and formal production, assembly, quality inspection, shipping, at the end of after-sales service. Following the customer benefit first to help customer’s enterprise achieve the maximum brand value.

Our Factory
Jaguar Sign located in industrial park of Hi-tech development west zone, chengdu, china with 12000 square meters factory of environmental certification. The production lines uses fully automatic large-scale signage production machine and most of equipment is imported from Germany and Japan.

Our Product
Company’s main products include illuminated letter and sign, metal letter and sign, light boxes, plaques, smd led circuit board etc.
Jaguar Sign is committed to invest funds and manpower in research and development of product and keeps forging ahead on the path of technological innovation.

Product Application
Advertising Led Letters and Sign, Metal Letters and Sign, Advertising Light Box, Kiosk, Pylon Sign

Our Certificate
Jaguar sign has passed CE/ UL/ RoHS/ ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 certification to ensure the customer’s various of quality requirements for the products.
Production Equipment
Automatic Led Circuit Board Production Line
Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Line: JTL-1820
Carving Machine: 1325
Sheet Metal Forming Line: QC12Y
Laser Cutting Machine
Acrylic Carving Machine: SJGN60V
Bending Machine: WC67K
Laser Welding Machine: Gx-130CSW 2.0
Production Market
There are many clients of us in the world, such as U.S.A, Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Finland, Austria, Korea, Japan, etc.
Export Market Distribution (Previous Year) Total Revenue锛?锛?
Domestic Market 40%
North America 26.72%
South America 0.7%
Western Europe 24.36%
Northern Europe 0.72%
Southern Europe 1.1%
Southeast Asia 1.3%
Eastern Asia 1.4%
Oceania 3.7%
Our service
1. Free to provide customers with the installation plan.
2. The products warranty for one year 锛圛f the product has a quality problem, we will provide the new products for replacement or maintenance of the original products for free, and the transportation fee caused will be pay by the customer锛?
3. Professional after-sales customer service agent will response after-sales question online in 24 hours.
Over With stable raw material supplier system and employee management system strictly control the production process and period.
As long as the products is under normal use, the company will be responsible for the limited warranty within the warranty period due to the quality problem of the product.
The following situations do not belong to the warranty category:
1. Failure or damage caused by improper use. And dirty mark or surface scratches caused by transportation, loading and unloading, cracking, collision etc.
2. Not our company technician or without authorized who maintenance or disassemble the products.
3. The products under the working conditions of use stipulated fault or damage caused by the (such as the temperature, wet, dry, high altitude, voltage, current and so on).
4. Failure or damage caused by irresistible (e.g. fire, earthquake, etc) .
5. Failure or damage caused by user or third-party misuse or improper installation and commissioning.
6. The warranty period has expired. 3D Plastic Acrylic Logo suppliers

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